January 2 to February 4, 2012
Germany’s large Turkish population has helped shaped, influence and inspire German society for some 50 years now. Intercultural dialogue has had both a polarising and stimulating affect, with the country’s Turkish citizens providing an insight into a world that is both familiar and yet strange to most Germans and is, perhaps for that reason, particularly fascinating.

But who exactly are Germany’s Turkish neighbours? A megacity of some 13 million inhabitants, Istanbul not only links two continents geographically but also two worlds culturally. The city is modern and open-minded yet also traditional and mysterious. The photographs show the people who live and work in this city of opposites. People caught between the Occident and the Orient; people who live in this bustling metropolis on the fringes of the city, on the fringes of society and on the fringes of Europe.

The exhibition was shown in the public library of Berlin Steglitz-Zehlendorf. 
The catalogue can be ordered on Blurb.