​​​​​​​​​​THE IDEA

There are more than 200 nationalities in the world.

Nearly every one of them is represented in Berlin: People from over 190 countries live in the German capital, more than every third inhabitant of the German capital has foreign roots.

The idea that the world, with its unbelievable ethnic, cultural and religious diversity, gathers on this small corner of the earth is impressive.

Who are these people that make Berlin such a multicultural city? What caused them to leave their home country? What brought them to Berlin? What are their hopes and concerns? What does their everyday life look like? Where do they see their future? Is Berlin just a stage in their life or their forever home?

SMALL WORLD is a photography project dedicated to the city's different nationalities. It draws insightful pictures of the multicultural diversity in Berlin.


All her life, Anja has been passionate about traveling throughout the whole world, equipped only with a small backpack and her camera. Anja has always been interested in foreign countries and other cultures. With every trip, she returned to Germany with countless impressions and experiences from her travels - only to immediately prepare herself, with great anticipation, for her next excursion.

This year everything is different.

COVID-19 has brought the discovery of foreign countries to a standstill. Not being able to travel, Anja became aware of the fact that Berlin is a small image of the whole wide world: almost all nationalities are represented in this small corner of the globe!

This awareness was her inspiration for SMALL WORLD.

As in previous years, Anja wants to meet people from all over the world and capture diversity through photos. However, not somewhere else, but here in Berlin. This time, the focus lies on the perspectives of almost 200 nationalities in her homeland.


The project SMALL WORLD consists of portraits from people living in Berlin having their roots somewhere else in the world. Each nationality is represented by one single person. That person has a foreign citizenship or was born with a foreign citizenship before taking the German one. All pictures become part of a photo book Anja is creating as a final project presentation at the Ostkreuzschule*. Any commercial use is excluded and will be assured in written form.

* Anja Schweitzer is attending the »Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie« in Berlin. SMALL WORLD is her final project for the workshop supervised by the Danish photographer Joakim Eskildsen. The Ostkreuzschule was founded in 2004 and has stood for the examination of documentary, journalistic and artistic photography ever since.
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